What's included with your purchase?

When buying a Realty2Go website, you will buy a single, non-transferable website license for your own use and the website is yours for life and without additional monthly or yearly subscription costs. If you are hosting with our hosting partner, the purchase includes your website with SSL installed, a free domain name (.com or .net) for the first 12 months, software tools (add-ons) to improve the performance and security of your website, backups, and restoring of your website. Your Realty2Go website is secured with HTTPS (the padlock is shown in your browser) and so your website will stay secure when using our hosting servers. HTTPS is the best practice for all Real Estate businesses to establish credibility with visitors, and maintain a professional web presence.


Realty2go websites are in the English language (frontend & backend) and include everything to start and promote your Real Estate business. At present we are offering free of charge Spanish language add-on installed and ready to use on Mega Plus, Mega, Giga, Tera websites. For the Nano website, the translation add-on will be implemented soon. The following features and services are included with a Realty2Go website:

  • Fast, stable & reliable web hosting for your website (3 months free when hosting on our servers) *
  • Domain Name (.com or .net extension) free for the first year *
  • Spanish Translation add-on *
  • 30 free minutes of non-cumulative monthly support included in our hosting/maintenance plan. After you have used the free support, we still help you when you need to for small changes, but for extensive work, we offer paid support work which can be ordered from our Services section.
  • SEO and mobile device-optimized website
  • SSL Certificate for online security, with our hosting/maintenance plan
  • Realty2Go websites are coming with pre-added content, so it is easy for you to edit and replace the pre-added content with your own.
  • Modern Real Estate Blog
  • Free website security add-ons included preventing hacks, malware, brute force protection, file change detection, strong password enforcement, and more
  • Free website logo and favicon for your website. Please note that we are offering a nontransparent logo and Favicon for your website. You will be able to choose a logo image from a list of logo images. 
  • Free Business Cards with your website logo on request.

* The free offers included above could be removed at any time.


We highly recommend hosting your Realty2Go website on our servers, while this guarantees that your website will work correctly and without downtime. Also, data loss is the risk you take when moving your website from one hosting provider to another.


All website add-ons (free & paid) are described in our web application add-ons section. 

Free Website Application Add-Ons

  • Spanish Translation add-on (free for a limited time)
  • Cookies Notice Banner. Includes free setup and configuration
  • Coming Soon / Maintenance page. Available is also a custom-designed paid version
  • Testimonials to add reviews of your buyers and sellers **
  • Booking /Availability Calendar add-on for your property rentals **
  • SEO Tool (installed) - to be set up, configured & used by yourself **

** These free add-ons are already installed on the website but need to be activated and customized as per your requirements. If you have an in-house web designer, he may do this work for you. Otherwise, we can do the work involved. Also, all free website application add-ons are offered as-is. If you request changes, please note that this work requires additional payment for the work involved. For more information please visit our 'Website Application Add-On' Section.

Paid Website Application Add-Ons

  • Spanish Translation add-on (now free)
  • Maintenance page, custom-designed
  • Buyers WebForm
  • Sellers WebForm