Ready-To-Use Real Estate Websites are completely finished websites and up and working for you in approx. 1 week. Ready-To-Use websites include the website itself, the domain name (websites name), and free hosting with a secure SSL certificate (HTTPS) for the first year. Ready-To-Use Real Estate Websites are offered as a one-time payment and you will own the website with the domain name, after payment. We host your website free of charge for the first year, and are looking after most important hosting related matters, from setting up and configuring the hosting server, backing up your site, taking care of your websites security, email accounts, and more. A Hosting Plus or Pro plan will be included for free, for the first year. If the Ready-To-Use website is based on a Giga or Nano website design then the Plus plan will be included. When the ordered website is based on Mega or Tera design, the Hosting Pro plan will be included, also free for the first year.

To make it easier for you to run your website, we already have filled in a few examples of property listings with photos, pages and blog posts with content, while you just have to edit and replace the pre-added content with your own and you are ready to go. If you are looking for the same Realty2Go Real Estate website design but with your own domain name, please contact us. In this case, we will use your own domain name, we can order a new domain name for you, or you can choose a domain name from our portfolio of over 100 domain names. If you have any question, you are welcome to contact us!

What’s included in my purchase? For details please check the information under HELP.