The Website Translation Add-On can be purchased separately, if required. In this case the Realty2Go website will be ready in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, French and German. In order to translate your added content (property details, pages, blog posts), we include an easy to use translation editor, which can be used by the Estate Agent, Administrator of the website or by a professional Translator. Each of the users can have different accounts with their own passwords and usernames to login and translate the website.  The content of the website can be translated manual or automatic by using Google automatic translation API, or a mix of both. In order to have the content automatically translated, you will need a Google Translation API key, which requires payments to Google.

Please note that the WEBSITE TRANSLATION ADD-ON can only be purchased together with a Realty2Go website (two different payments) and will be installed and configured at the same time with the website you are going to purchase. It is not possible to order the Language Translations Add-On at a later time, when your Realty2Go website has already been installed and configured.

  • PRICE:399 EUR excl. VAT