Keep your Realty2Go website up-and-running! 

Our website hosting is ideal for any of our Realty2Go websites and comes with 20 GB of server disk space, unlimited bandwidth and tools to secure and protect your website. Your website is kept safe and secure through backups, malware scanning, and hacking attempt blocking. Our web hosting is 100% compatible and fulfils all technical requirements for any of our Realty2Go websites. We perform routine maintenance and updates on the server, to ensure everything is working correctly. Included with the maintenance plan is also an SSL Certificate for safe internet connection (HTTPS). Our maintenance plan does not include any contract, just pay as you go.

* Hosting your website on a shared server
* SSL Certificate / HTTPS for secure connection
* 20 GB of Disk Space
* Unlimited bandwidth
* SSD drives for fast page loading
* Server maintenance
* Email account for your website
* Malware scanning and hacking attempt blocking
* Firewall Protection
* Directory Protection
* Upload Protection
* Website backups
* Restoring your website, based on the most recent backup
* Secure & Protect website tools
* 30 minutes of content changes (images, text) on your website
* Free access to our Knowledgebase for help & training

Please note that for a limited time and for newly purchased websites, we offer the first 3 months free of charge of website maintenance/hosting.

  • PRICE / YEAR:299 EUR (224 EUR after discount)
    FREE of charge for the first 3 months
    Price subject to VAT-Tax