When you order a Realty2Go website, you can choose a domain name (website name) from our own list of domain names (free for the 1st year) or you can purchase one from a different domain registrar. Please note that domain names from our list marked with “Premium” are offered on request only and are more expensive than a normal domain name. Domain names have to be renewed every year with your domain registrar. There is a yearly fee you have to pay for to your registrar.

If you have your own domain name hosted on a different registrar, you have to point your domain’s DNS to our web host. We can help to do the technical matters involved. In case you wish to order a completely different domain name not listed on our domain name list, please contact us. Prices for domain name extensions could vary.

Please note that transferring a domain to us will take down the previous website (if you have one) and emails associated with that domain and change them to your Realty2Go website. These changes can take up to 48 hours to take effect, during which time domain related services may not be active.


  • PRICE:25 EUR (For Domain & Settings)
    FREE of charge for the 1st year (.com & .net)
    Price subject to VAT-Tax