OneTime Payment Option

Upgrading my existing Realty2Go Subscription Plan to a Full License

Pay Once – Eliminate monthly payments & the software is yours.

Customers who are subscribed to one of our Realty2Go website subscription plans, will be given the opportunity to buy the full license of your realty2go website. This eliminates ongoing monthly payments and the software is yours. This means that for one single on-off payment, you will qualify to purchase the full license of a Realty2Go website, you are recently using on the monthly payment plan.


The upgrade price includes the same website you are using with our realty2go subscription plan with SSL installed, hosting on our servers for one year (free), software tools (add-on’s / plugins) to improve performance and security of your website. Some of the these software tools are 3rd party add-on’s, and should be updated when new versions come available. Updating requires a yearly or one time fee, to be paid to the developer of the add-on. Your Realty2Go website is secured with HTTPS (green padlock shown in your browser) and so your website will stay secured when using our hosting servers. HTTPS is best practice for all businesses that want to optimize their search engine performance, establish credibility with visitors, and maintain a professional web presence.


The upgrade to a full license does not include the monthly payment, and no free support. The upgrade price is for the website itself, based on a non transferable single website license. We can offer you monthly website maintenance, which includes support and updates. For more details please contact us.


When you are purchasing a personal website license, the website is yours and you can host the website with the actual hosting provider, but you can also choose a different hosting provider for your website. We highly recommend to stay with your actual hosting provider you have used with your realty2go subscription plan, while this guarantees you that your website will work correctly and without any downtime, as this is the case when transferring the site to another hosting server. Potential downtime and data loss are risks you take when moving your website from one hosting provider to another one. After the upgrade process to your personal website license, we offer you FREE website hosting for one year. After that you have to pay yourself monthly or yearly hosting fees. At present this fee is 3,95 USD per month, including 5 GB of webspace, SSD drives and unlimited bandwidth for a your website.


The upgrade price depends on the realty2go website you are buying and if 3rd party add-on’s are included with the website or not. We highly recommend to include those add-on’s with your purchase, while your website is optimized for performance and security by using these tools. For enquiries or upgrade orders, please use the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each plan is valid for 1 domain – the domain name you are using in your Realty2Go plan.
If you wish to launch a second website, on a different domain name, please contact us.

Yes. Upgrading your recent website subscription plan to a Full License, permanently eliminates future payments to keep your website online.

Yes, but there is some work involved and an extra processing fee will apply.

No, it is not possible to sell or transfer your personal license.