How To Order & Steps After


Pick your favourite Website Design (Mega, Giga, Tera, Nano), a Ready-To-Use Website, a Service or Website Application Add-On. Place your order from the Pricing & Purchase page if you are going to order a website, or if to order a service or a custom work, place your order from the Services page. For orders of an already finished and ready to use website, go to the Ready-Made-Websites  page. Next, follow instructions on the screen.

After you have paid for the website, and we have received your payment, we will contact you by email to confirm your payment and ask you to provide information about the domain name you wish to use, email address, add-ons you want to have installed on your website, and the hosting provider you wish to use with your Realty2Go website. If you host your website with us, we will offer free website hosting for the first 3 months and a free domain name (.com or .net) for the 1st year. Please also note that in case you decide to host your Realty2Go website with a different hosting provider, this may delay the time we need to have your website up and running. Also, we can not guarantee that your Realty2Go website will work properly on a hosting server of your choice. We strongly recommend using our hosting server which is 100% compatible with the requirements of all Realty2Go websites. Your new website will be up and running in approx. 3 to 4 weeks. When purchasing a Ready-Made-Website, your website will be ready within a few working days. You can find the web hosting information under the service section.


After we have confirmed your payment and received the requested details, we will start installing and configuring your website, the hosting server, email forms, domain name, etc. We will also design and add a Logo and Favicon to your website. You will be able to choose your type of logo image from a list of logo images. Depending on the design of your purchased Realty2Go website, you can choose for the header of the homepage to show an Image, Video, Featured Property Slideshow, or a Property Map. These options are available only for the MEGA & TERA website design. The default installation will include a large image on the homepage (1920 x 1440 px). As for the homepage of the GIGA & NANO websites, there are no extra options available. Please consider copyrights when choosing an image or video to be used on your website.


When finished with all configurations and settings of your website, we will place your website online and email you so that you can see your website live. From this point, you can also check the complete website, including the menu bar. You may want to add or remove menus to the menu bar, or change the text for the header of the homepage, etc. We will do this and other small changes on your website free of charge but limited to 4 working hours per website. After we have used the 4 free support hours, and you still need changes, we offer paid website work with details available in our Service section. Please note that small changes will always be free of charge.


Depending on if you have ordered and paid for the website in full (One-Time Payment) or when ordered your website as "Six-Months Payments / Instalments", the access to the website /login as an administrator will vary and is described below:

4.1 When ordered as "One-Time Payment" (full payment)

Your website login details (Username and Password) as an administrator and all users required to manage and use your purchased Realty2Go website, will be emailed to you after we have received your payment, and the website has been completely set up, and up and working. In order to manage your website and hosting server, the website and server login details have to be shared with us. With the website login details, you will be able to log-in to the Home Panel (Dashboard) of your website to add/edit/delete properties, add pages, and blog posts. You also have to replace the pre-added content (pages, blog posts, property listings) with your own content. The pre-added content on all Realty2Go websites is a good start to move on and familiarize quickly with adding property listings, pages, and blog posts. After you have added a few property listings, your posts, and pages, you will have to remove the pre-added content. On request, we will do this for you free of charge.

4.2 When ordered a Realty2Go website as "Six-Months Payment" (Installments)

In this case, the procedure is the same as above with the difference that you will not receive administration rights until you have paid the full amount for the website (all six payments). To start using your website, after the first payment, you will receive login details of the website as an "Agent" in order to manage your property listings, blog posts, pages, and translation of your content. Once the 'Six Months Payment' has been completed, you become the legitimate owner of the licensed website and you will receive administration rights of your website and hosting server.

Please also note that each Realty2Go website offers separate user logins:

  • The administrator of the website, can do all settings & manage property listings of the site
  • The Agent or Agents of the website. This access is focused on managing property listings and translation only.
  • A professional Translator (optional), who can translate the content of the website.

For detailed website order information please check the Website Pricing & Purchase page.


Now your Realty2Go website is ready for you to list properties and focus on your Real Estate business - selling properties.


The Property Panel / Dashboard of your website is available anytime, anywhere by using a web browser of your choice. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser.  Our intuitive Property Panel is easy to manage and there are no additional programming skills required. If you can browse the web and upload a photo, you can manage to add property listings, pages, and blog posts.

Manage your website content from any PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone

  • Everything is done online
  • No software to download
  • No programming skills needed
  • Preview your property changes prior to show online
  • With the click of a button, your content publishes instantly

Our Knowledge Base will help you with general information, explains how to add your property listings, photos/video, blog posts, pages by using our simple and intuitive dashboard, called Property Panel, from where you can manage all your properties and website settings. Also, the Knowledgebase will help you with the translation add-on and any other free or purchased add-on. If you cannot find the right help within the Knowledge Base, we are here to help.